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Neighborhood Street Project

This is a flier I passed out in my neighborhood as part of my attempt to slow traffic by getting the neighborhood involved to rally for speed humps.

Traffic did seem to slow down considerably for a few days--maybe even a few weeks. But soon after, the same people continue to zoom down the street oblivious to pedestrians and passers-by. It's shameful that people take respect and concern for granted when they are so unwilling to give any themselves. Is it no wonder we have so many problems in our communities? Respect and concern for others are trivial where money and political standing are involved. Change begins on the individual level and if it can't start there, the damning ideology within which we currently dwell will never release its vicious tentacles.


For kids

For pets

For everyone

Walking in the street or playing in the yard shouldn't be experiences riddled with fears of fast driving cars mowing down unsuspecting children.

Over the last few years the traffic in this neighborhood has increased and it has gotten faster.

The posted speed limit for this neighborhood is 25 mph. An April speed check showed that over a 3 day log the highest speed on Grasshopper Lane was 43 mph.

Ideally people would patrol themselves based on courtesy and concern for others, but not everyone thinks this way. Aside from having a police person posted in our neighborhood 24 hours a day, speed humps are the best solution to this problem.

Speed humps are not the same as speed bumps—they are smooth but at enough of an incline that one could damage one's car if one does NOT slow down. Where speed BUMPS tend to be hard on axles, speed HUMPS allow for smooth crossing of slow moving vehicles.

Please help support this project. The only way to get speed protection in this neighborhood is if all residents voice their opinions.

Please call Lt. Cornett at the Orange Park Police Department at 264.5555 and let him know you're concerned about safety in your neighborhood by requesting the implementation of speed humps.

Please don't wait until someone is injured—or worse—to make this call. It's about concern. It's about consideration. It's about safety.






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