Society of Sacrifices

It's nice to know that friendship and kinship transcend ethereal venues. I've known most of you for years now--weathering what seemed like epic quests and slaughter-fests where we were both slaughtered and slaughterer. While Dereth will always recall fond memories , we carry this legacy onward with true Sacrificial spirit on the continents of Azeroth.

Azeroth provides a venue for a myriad quests, dungeons, character paths and of course social interactions! As our toons mature in the game, we're interested in moving forward on the quest path to higher level content. But to do this, we need your help and participation! Most dungeons are set up for 5 person groups and unfortunately, that can leave some out of a particular run. Ideally, we can get to the point where we have many folks of various classes willing and able to lead fellow guild mates through the dungeons they need. We'll be working on providing more information on instances and ideal groupings...and of course we welcome any input you have, as this is yours as well. Let's keep Sacrificing!

PS. Hopefully all links will be live within the next week or so.